Keep it Positive!

Our Staff Parish Relations Committee recently

At Westview UMC we believe that gossip is detrimental to our church family and the world around us. We ask everyone involved at Westview to refrain from bringing negative issues to anyone who isn’t directly involved or who can’t solve the problem. We expect our staff and leaders to refrain from gossip.

How do you deal with the negativity in your life?

1 thought on “Keep it Positive!”

  1. I have begun to identify the toxic people in my life and let their association with me go. It might make the other person upset for awhile, but I just pray for them and let them know that my life does not have room for negativity. I know of one instance where it turned the person around to a more positive, God lead life. I am also hoping to lead by example. I don’t always reach the mark, but I am still plugging away with God’s help. Westview UMC has so many wonderful examples of Christians in service that I feel blessed to be associated with this church.

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